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Happy 10th Anniversary!

The White Dog Blog is officially TEN (10) years old in September of 2020!

I started this blog shortly after I adopted Treasure, my blind and deaf double merle sheltie pictured above. At that time, there wasn't much information available to people about how to communicate and live with dogs that were both blind and deaf. This blog became one of only a few resources. Others offered only a page of information and gave a few minimal tips, but nothing practical about living daily life with a blind and deaf dog.

Only ten years ago, dogs that were born both blind and deaf were euthanized most of the time. Rescues, shelters, and others had no idea that blind/deaf dogs were capable of living and enjoying happy lives, or that they were trainable. We set out to disprove many myths and misunderstandings. We provided a complete picture of what living with a blind/deaf dog could be like. And we started ripples of change - change in people's perspectives, change for a blind/deaf dog's future, change in breeding practices.

This blog started as a way to offer people accurate and positive information about rescuing, living with, and training blind/deaf dogs. It has become the go-to resource for people worldwide about double merles, blind, deaf and blind/deaf dogs. And while this has been the focus of the White Dog Blog, many others follow the blog for great information about dogs in general.

Blind and/or deaf dogs are just like other dogs (they just can't see or hear) and positive teaching techniques, information about behavior, and living life in general with dogs, all applies to them as well. There are many posts on the White Dog Blog that pertain to all dogs - no matter what breed, age, or their abilities.

The response to this blog has been tremendous and word continues to spread as more people adopt blind and/or deaf dogs and are looking for a resource to get them started on their journey. My sincere appreciation to all who regularly refer others to the blog for current, accurate and positive information. With your help, many more dogs with varying abilities will find loving, forever homes because their humans will know how and where to get started.

The blog is now followed by dog rescues, shelters, foster homes, adoptive homes, breeders, dog walkers and sitters, trainers, groomers, veterinarians, behaviorists, potential adopters, many who live with and love dogs, and has a worldwide following.

We have helped many dogs to find homes over the past 10 years, working with rescues, shelters, fosters, and most importantly, encouraging potential and new adopters. The blog has led to two books being published about blind and/or deaf dogs. And, the blog allows my dogs' many fans to keep up with their antics through updates and pictures.

If you'd like an easy-to-use blog reference guide that will allow you to find topics of posts more easily, follow this link: Easy Blog Reference Guide. Thank you everyone for a great ten years! Thank you, Treasure! Happy Anniversary White Dog Blog!

*For more information or support regarding blind and/or deaf dogs, please contact me through

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