Visits with Vinny

Vinny is a rough-coated Collie.  He has been completely blind and deaf from birth due to a preventable genetic issue that happens when two merle-patterned dogs are bred together.  Vinny was also born with an extraordinary temperament and a huge heart.  He loves to learn new things and meet new people.  Vinny is a certified therapy dog, and thoroughly enjoys his job of visiting and spreading cheer to others.

Because of his differences, he is perfect for his role as ambassador and educator.  Vinny makes personal appearances within the community and around the country helping to inspire and educate others.  He knows many tricks which are fun to watch, but his real message is one of hope, inspiration, and compassion.

Vinny brings a message of disability awareness and exploring that we all have differences, and that differences don't need to be scary or weird.  He teaches about accepting oneself and others to prevent bullying.  He advocates and encourages adoption of dogs with differences, and shows with his smile and wagging tail what is possible.

Vinny enjoys things that all dogs like: car rides, tasty snacks, toys, his person's bed, meeting people, playing with other dogs, a breeze in his face, etc.  He enjoys learning new tricks and doing dog sports such as K9 Freestyle.

Vinny visits are now being booked for the current and coming years.  Contact us if you'd like to have Vinny come visit your classroom or community group.  Vinny also makes appearances at local community events and fundraisers!  Vinny would love to meet you and share his message! 

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