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Through A Dark Silence:

Loving and Living with your Blind and Deaf Dog


Whether your dog was born blind and deaf due to being a double merle, lethal white, or homozygous merle; or your dog is losing its sight and hearing due to age, disease, or progressive disability, you will find helpful information in this book! If you are a trainer, foster home, rescue, or shelter, this book will offer you information on working with the blind and deaf dogs in your care, and will provide a necessary resource for potential adopters. An authority on living with and training blind and deaf dogs, Debbie Bauer has made an impact in dogs' lives around the world. She works as a consultant and mentor to families, shelters, rescues, trainers, foster homes, and others who find themselves working with blind and deaf dogs. Now, she brings you this first-of-its-kind, exclusive book to help you learn to communicate with and enjoy your blind and deaf dog to the fullest! Full of important tips, ideas, games and fun for you and your dog! This book is a must-have for anyone who lives with, works with, or is thinking of adopting, a dog that is both blind and deaf. 


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White Dog Blog:

The Most Popular and Inspiring Posts

The White Dog Blog began several years ago as a way to educate the public about a tragedy. Puppies are being born blind, deaf, or even both, due to a completely preventable genetic combination of merle to merle. These puppies are often born mostly white leading to the blog's name - the White Dog Blog. 
The blog follows the author's experiences living with several of these special dogs with varying degrees of blindness and deafness. Through her efforts to educate, it is the hope that one day, this type of merle to merle breeding will no longer be supported by the dog community.
In the meantime, the blog offers a tremendous resource for those who are rescuing, adopting, and training these special dogs. This book gathers the blog's most popular and influential posts all in one place, making them easy to find and refer to again and again.

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Conversations with Gabe:

Insights and Wisdom from a Puppy Mill Survivor

Meet Gabe. He lived his life in a cage in a puppy mill. His spirit had been broken. He was angry and frightened. He had lost his will to live. Yet I loved him immediately. I never could have imagined that he would be the one teaching me so much. I have been amazed by the depth of his wisdom and his forgiveness.
This book is a collection of Gabe's words, as translated through an animal communicator. I hope you will all be touched by his story and can find the courage within yourselves to stretch your ideas and to discover the extraordinary...

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Glimmers of Hope:

Reaching the Unreachable Dog

This book is about working with puppy mill survivors and other dogs showing extreme fear of humans and life in general.  It's currently out of print but an updated version may be available in the future.  

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