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Blind & Deaf Dogs

If your dog is blind, deaf, or both blind & deaf ... 

If your dog was born this way, or impairments developed later in life ...

If you live with, foster, rescue, or work professionally with them ...

The resources on this page are for you!


If you can't find it here,

please reach out to me for support and assistance in finding what you need!

Is Your Dog Newly Blind?

Start here:
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If your dog is new to blindness, or if you have adopted your first visually-impaired dog, the Sense-Ability Method(c) for Blind Dogs is perfect to get you started on the right path. 


This exclusive and comprehensive program teaches you everything you need to know to help both you and your dog adjust to life without sight.  You'll learn ways to help your dog feel safe and confident again to enjoy the activities that you love to do together, how to set up the environment and communicate in ways that empower your dog's independence, and so much more. 


I'll be right here to guide you and your dog through the transition, to answer all your questions, and to set you both up for success.  Contact me today so I can offer you and your dog the support you both need. 


Are You a Dog Professional? 

An Opportunity for You:

If you work with dogs in a professional capacity (trainer, vet tech, groomer, pet sitter, rescue/shelter, etc.) here's an opportunity to continue to expand your knowledge and the clients you'll be able to serve. 

Did you know that blindness and deafness can happen to any breed, type, or age of dog, at any time? 

Did you know that the number one concern that I hear from dog guardians is that they can't find dog professionals in their area that understand how to work with their dog or will include their dog in services offered?

Not only is this alienating and frustrating for the human family, but dogs also miss out on getting the resources that they need.  And, you're also missing out on some amazing clients.

This is your chance to learn from the world's leading expert on working with blind and/or deaf dogs in a new, one-of-a-kind practitioner program designed to give you all the information and confidence you need to help more dogs and families. 

This is your chance to rise above the competition.  Learn more today!

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Private, personalized coaching and support for you and your dog.  Whether you are interested in teaching your dog fun new skills, or you are concerned with a behavior that is becoming a problem, we can help!

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A variety of online home study and live virtual classes are offered to give you and your dog the benefit of learning from the comfort and convenience of wherever you are.


This page offers a large collection of resources pertaining to blind/deaf dogs.  Dive into a wealth of knowledge and experience shared by an international blind/deaf dog expert! 


Vinny is a rough-coated Collie.  He also happens to be blind and deaf from birth.  Vinny is a certified therapy dog, accomplished in dog sports, and is available for visits and appearances.  


The White Dog Blog is an extensive collection of experience, tips and advice from a world-wide blind & deaf dog expert.  Learn tips for everyday living and teaching of blind and/or deaf dogs. A great resource for dog parents, professionals, rescues, and potential adopters.

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Read a FREE e-book to help you get started on the right path with your blind and deaf dog!  Tips on communicating, toilet training, and more! 

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