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Both Ends of the Leash

Transforming lives at both ends of the leash through the healing power of the human-animal connection. 

Both Ends of the Leash is a therapeutic dog training program developed in 2013 by Debbie Bauer to bring together people of all ages from the community with homeless shelter dogs.  Human students learn to teach the dogs skills that will help them transition into new homes, while at the same time learning essential life skills that can support them in their relationships, jobs, school, and in their every day lives.

Research and experience have shown the many therapeutic benefits that dogs can create in humans.  This is a program where humans can help dogs, while dogs help humans.  Both species share many similarities, and learning about dogs can be an important catalyst to people learning about themselves. 

The program is open to all those from the community that can benefit, particularly small groups looking for a therapeutic program to assist with teaching about the self and others.  Life skills such as (but not limited to) communication, building trust and empathy, compassion, setting goals, teamwork, and positive leadership skills, are the focus of this program. 

Please contact us for more information about how your group can take part in the Both Ends of the Leash program.

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