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If you are looking for other services that are not listed here, please contact me.  I can probably help or refer you to someone who can!  Contact me for fees and payment options.  
In-home dog training and behavior coaching

I will travel to your home to work with you and your dog.  Training sessions are customized to your wants and needs, and utilize positive reinforcement and cooperative teaching techniques.  I have extensive experience working with various behavior issues, and I can help you teach your dog any behaviors you want it to learn.  If you want to housetrain your newly adopted dog, I can help with that!  If you want to teach your dog some new tricks to show off at family get-togethers, I can help with that!  If your dog won't stop jumping on guests, I can help with that too!  You tell me what you want your dog to learn, and we will work together to accomplish it.  Training sessions are about your learning to communicate with and teach your own dog.  You will be expected to practice with your dog between session in order to see progress being made.  

Animal Communication


I have extensive experience communicating intuitively with all species of animals.  I do most of my communication work from a distance, working with a clear photo of the animal.  You send me a photo and a list of specific questions you would like me to ask, or you may send me specific ideas you would like me to portray to the animal for you.  I will take some quiet meditative time to listen to the animal, and I will then send you my notes back.  Because I am not a veterinarian, I cannot offer any prognosis of health-related issues, nor will I attempt to diagnose any health issues.  I will, however, let you know if your animal describes any pain to me, so you can follow up with a visit to the animal's veterinarian.  

Presentations & Workshops

I am available to give presentations and workshops on a variety of topics.  Please contact me with questions and requests!  Currently booking for the next year! 

Tellington TTouch

Tellington TTouch is a way of relating to animals of all species, which encourages trust and cooperation while assisting them to find balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and instinctually.  I use various types of touches and techniques to help the animal become more aware of its body and of its behaviors to help influence change. 

Some ofthe ways I use TTouch to influence an animal include:  to help show animals to find their ideal gait and stance for judging, to overcome reactivity, to increase an animal's confidence, to support an animal recovering from injury or surgery, to reduce fear and anxiety, for thunderstorm phobia, to create focus and increased learning, to decrease barking, to encourage polite leash walking behavior, and so much more!

TTouch is a wonderful complement to any training, conditioning/fitness, or wellness program for your animal.  It is most helpful in creating a relationship built on trust with rescued and/or newly adopted animals as well.

I am a certified Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner I.  I have been through TTouch's extensive education and certification program.  I am available to give individual TTouch sessions, or to teach TTouch workshops for an interested group or club.  

Assistance/Service Dog selection and training

Assistance dogs do tasks to assist a person with one or more disabilities to be able to live more independently.  To legally use an assistance dog in public, a person must have a disability and the dog must be specifically trained to do tasks to assist with that disability.

I am available to assist you with selecting and training a dog to be your assistance dog, whether you are looking for a dog to help you in public or only in your own home.  I am also available to run you and your assistance dog through a public access evaluation.  These services are available through private in-home and public training sessions as appropriate.  Please contact me for more information.

Not currently offering this service privately. 

Healing Touch for Animals


Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) uses the non-invasive tools of energy and clear intention to enhance your animal's well-being.  These techniques allow the animal's energy system to balance and stabilize, which supports its ability to find homeostasis.  Some areas where HTA can be beneficial include: reducing stress and anxiety, supporting the animal through illness or injury, helping the animal to develop confidence in training and competition, assists the animal dealing with trauma or grief, helps overcome behavior issues in conjunction with a training program, and many others.  HTA uses light, non-invasive touch, and because of its energetic nature, the techniques can also be done without touching the animal at all.  This is helpful for shy or traumatized animals, and animals that cannot be touched due to safety concerns.  HTA can also be done from a distance.  HTA is not a substitute for veterinary care, but it can be a valuable addition to it. 

I am a certified Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, which means that I have been through HTA's extensive education and certification protocol.  I keep up on continuing education, and I recertify every 5 years.  

Trick Dog Testing

I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) through Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD), which allows me to witness you and your dog performing tricks in order to earn titles!  DMWYD offers trick dog titles for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Trick Dog Champion!  Once your dog has a title through DMWYD, you also have the option of obtaining the equivalent level trick title through AKC.  DMWYD trick testing/witnessing is done in person or by video, so I have the ability to witness tricks for people all over the world.  There is no fee for me to witness tricks, however there is a nominal fee to apply for a title certificate and ribbon from the DMWYD organization (and AKC). 

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