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  • Deb Bauer

Helping Blind Dogs Feel Safe

A lovely white and brown collie stands on a patio.  Text gives ways to help blind dogs feel safe.

Once we feel safe, we can accomplish amazing things, and our blind dogs can too. Living life without being able to see what’s happening around them can often cause blind dogs to develop anxiety or reactivity, which can be hard for us humans to live with and manage.

Using these tips to help blind dogs feel safe allows them to thrive, and allows us to avoid or minimize behavior concerns stemming from anxiety, fear, and overwhelm.

Dogs that are newly blind or becoming blind need extra doses of the following:

  • Time to adjust

  • Reassurance

  • A safe environment set up

  • Navigational cues

  • To be given information

  • Predictable patterns

  • Support to rebuild their confidence

  • Gentle guidance

If you want help knowing how to best set up your blind dog to feel safe, or how to put any of these suggestions into place, please reach out. I’m happy to help, and this is my area of expertise. Let me guide you through the process. I’m not only a professional in working with blind dogs, I also live with them daily as well and I understand your concerns.

The Sense-Ability Method for Blind Dogs is a unique program set up specifically for families who are new to living with a blind dog, and for dogs who are newly blind. It covers all of these topics and allows you to have expert guidance every step of the way while you all adjust to this new lifestyle.

I can get you started today on the path toward your blind dog feeling safe and confident.

Other resources that will help your blind dog to thrive!


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