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My Dog is Going Blind - How Can I Best Help Them?

A lovely white dog sits in front of yellow flowers.  Text lists things you can do to help a dog transition from seeing to being blind.  Details in written post.

“My dog is going blind - How do we transition from seeing to blind in only a few months’ time?” This question came from a concerned pet parent after getting the news that their beloved dog was losing their sight.

Setting your dog up for success when you know vision loss is imminent can be empowering for both of you. Having specific action steps to take makes this transition less confusing and scary. Having support along the way can be the difference between your dog having a great quality of life and your dog living in fear and confusion.

Here are some things you can do right away to ease the transition into blindness. They will also be very beneficial after your dog loses their vision suddenly:

  • Set up your dog’s environment for safety and to provide for the most efficient navigation.

  • Do activities to increase your dog’s confidence and resilience now. Both of these traits will be important in the coming months.

  • Start to teach your dog navigational cues now - step up, step down, go around, be careful.

  • Implement an enrichment plan that will allow your dog to continue doing the activities they love even without sight.

  • Create predictability in routines to help your dog feel safe by knowing what to expect throughout the day.

  • Introduce useful equipment such as halo harnesses or eye protection. Teach your dog before you need these things that they are safe and how to positively wear and use them.

  • Implement cooperative care which includes the components of eye exams, care and medications.

  • Get expert professional guidance and support every step of the way through this transition to ensure you and your dog are set up for success.

  • The Sense-Ability Method program is a one-to-one program, so you get individualized support based on what you and your dog need in that moment. When your dog is going or has gone blind, this is how to best help them.

I'm always here to help you and your dog through this transition. I'd be happy to set up time to chat.

You will also enjoy these learning opportunities about living with and teaching blind dogs. Here you can connect with others who understand exactly what you're experiencing and you can learn straight from a leading blind dog expert from the start.

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