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Setting Them Up for Success - Bringing A New Dog Home

A smiling black and tan dog looks softly at the camera, text says - Setting them up for success - Bringing a new dog home

If you missed it, I recently had a lovely chat with John Lizotte from Rescued Rollers. Our topic was Setting Then Up for Success - Bringing A New Dog Home. We talked about the top three things that a new dog needs to transition into your home as easily as possible. I'm thrilled to be able to offer you the chance to watch it now.

I help many families who are bringing a new dog into their home. Did you know that the way a new dog is introduced to your family, environment and lifestyle can set them up to be successful, or can make things harder for them, and for you? If you've recently adopted a new canine family member (no matter what their age), or if you're considering a new addition, I'd like to help you be successful so you and your new dog can have as easy and enjoyable a time as possible. Reach out so I can offer you the level of support that's best for your situation.

A small black and tan dog sits at the center.  Titled Your New Dog's Needs.  Around the dog are three colored circles saying Safe, Decompress, and Predictable.  Under Safe - dog proof home/yard, prevent escape - harness/fence, safe place, feeling safe, trust.  Under decompress - low stress/arousal, time at home to acclimate, no wild parties/ball play, sniff walks, deep sleep.  Under predictable - routine, consistent expectations, management, knows what to expect, feeling safe.

Please also go check out to find out more about this amazing special-needs dog rescue. They do amazing work every day and have many deserving dogs looking for their perfect families.

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