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  • Deb Bauer

Tips for Dogs Losing their Vision

There is an adjustment period when dog lose their sight. Not only do our dogs need to adjust, but so do we as their caregivers. Changing how we handle and interact with our dogs can do a lot to help them feel safe during this time of transition while they are learning to cope with life in a new way.

Here are some tips for dogs losing their vision which will help you support your dog through this transition. If you find you or your dog are struggling with this new blindness, please reach out to me. I’m here to help support you both as you navigate through these changes that may seem overwhelming right now.

A tan dog with one eye is on the right of a gray background.  Text says: Tips for Dogs Losing Their Vision: keep key areas well lit - stairs, water bowls, etc. Use a night light after dark. Surface mat at top and bottom of stairs.  Block off drop offs and stairs.  Teach cues for safety - stop, step up/down.  Talk more often to help dog keep track of you.  Speak to dog before touching.  Hold treats steady and in the same spot.  Don't move furniture.  Keep floors clutter free.

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